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  • Commercial Demo1:00
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  • Voice Tracking Demo A/C1:11
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  • Audio Book Demo3:32

John Gale Jr.

Voice Over Talent

John Gale, 25-year veteran voice actor, has recorded everything from audio books to jingle singing, video narration to commercial radio, imaging, news and weather broadcasts. character voicing for animation, and gaming.

Looking for energetic sounding or crazy characters? John is just what you are listening for. An authoritative adult or laid back millennial? John has done it all. Check out his demos below!

Featuring the Voice Talents of John Gale

Needing Imaging or weather drops for your station?  John produces audio content daily for over 20 radio stations across the US and over the internet.  For monthly rates email john to receive more information at jgalejr@gmail.com

Franklin, Ohio